Favorite Foods For Pet Rabbits

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Rabbits, just like people and all other animals, definitely have certain foods that they like to eat better than others. However, just like with people, these favorite foods are not always the best or most nutritious for them. An excess of a rabbit's favorite food can lead to serious health problems, like obesity and gastrointestinal issues. That being said, let's review some of the tastiest foods that rabbits love to eat!

Not surprisingly, if given the option, rabbits will always choose to eat human foods over rabbit foods. They love salty, sugary treats and snacks that many times even humans should not be eating. So, let's discard the option of human manufactured foods like candy or chips for your rabbit. What comes next? Well, probably other sweet foods like fruits! Rabbits love fruits like apples, peaches, cherries and strawberries. However these fruits are also very high in sugars and should be given very sparingly to your pet bunny (the guideline is about two tablespoons worth of fruits a day for a five pound bunny). If eaten in excess, these tasty and sugary treats will cause your rabbit to gain some serious, unwanted weight.

After fruits a rabbit's next favorite food is probably vegetables. Rabbits love to nibble on all manner of different vegetables, including carrots, celery, basil, tomatoes and cilantro. Carrots and other starchy vegetables should be given in moderation. Also, celery should be cut up into one-inch sections to avoid problems with the fiber-like strands getting caught in your bunny's teeth. Rabbits love a wide variety of different herbs and vegetables, so experiment and see which kind your rabbit likes best!

Lastly but most importantly, comes pellets and hay. Although a rabbit might opt to eat these last, they are the most vital to your rabbits diet and contribute the most essential nutrients to keep your rabbit healthy and happy. Be sure to provide your rabbit with a constant supply of quality pellets and timothy hay to keep him well nourished.

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When it comes to the health and happiness of your pet rabbit, choosing a quality living environment should be on the top of your list and quality Rabbit Cages are a necessity. In addition you should always supply your rabbit with unlimited Rabbit Hay to ensure a healthy and happy life.

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Favorite Foods For Pet Rabbits

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This article was published on 2010/03/27